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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Minutes for June

Date : Thursday 16th June
Time 7.45pm
Place: The Custom House, Watergate Street (first floor)

1. Notices.

A. Literature Festival programme: Bull and Stirrup Thursday 20th October.

We decided to charge an admission of £3.00 and £2.00 concessions and have an 'open mic' session at the end.

14 people have confirmed they would be willing to read, and 2 more might - so it should be a good programme.

B. Competitions and events.

(i) a drama writing workshop at the Forum Theatre.

(ii) Manchester Lit Fest Short Story Competition.

(iii) Crime Novel Competition.

2. Warm up session.

Think of an occupation.

Write down the skills essential to that occupation (on one side of paper). On the other side write the opposite.

Now make up a character that has three of the 'opposite' characteristics and write a paragraph describing your character doing his work but exhibiting one of those characteristics.

3. Readings.

4. Homework: extend the piece above.

5. AOB. Next meeting July 21st.

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